Hello and welcome to my little piece of cyber space. If you havn't guessed already my name is Rob and yes i love the water. I am 40 years old and fight the disease Beckers Muscular Dystrophy.

I was diagnosed when i was 5 years old with a prognosis of being wheelchair bound by the time i reached adulthood. This didn't work for me, i love the outdoors and getting out and exploring and discovering new things too much.

It was hard growing up with the physical disabilty which at times debilitated me with extremely painful cramps. I walked on my toes for quite a long time but through persistance and getting in trouble (thanks Dad lol) i found ways to combat this disease and always keep my heels on the ground.

At around 15 years old i made a decision, one that would shape the years to come i believe. I will walk until i am 40.

I tried sports as a child, kicked a soccer ball around with a bunch of kids, played cricket (or searched for the best daisies), and as i got older started Judo.

I feel that Judo was the key to my success at the time that it was expected i would stop walking. It was fun throwing people around and getting slammed into the judo mats, it made me use my body and taught me the will to never give up.

There were dark times of course, where i thought it would get the better of me or it would be so much easier to just give up.

I found that if I set mini goals within my main goal it was easier to fight my way through those dark days. The arrival of my children into my life really pulled me out of it and I found a new reason to fight.

In the following years leading up to where I am now I climbed to the top of Dover castle in England, learnt to kayak, found joy in raising my children, found hidden away magical places as i bushwalked all over the south coast of Australia to name a few of the achievments I feel I have made.

And so here I am now, having beaten the ultimate goal, still standing.

Having made it this far i have decided it would be amazing to help children diagnosed with Muscular dystrophy in any way I can. The first of which was to set myself a massive goal, something that felt as profound as maintaining the use of my legs. 

Kayaking makes me happy, I love the water, the serenity that can be found and decided that it had to be something to do with an epic journey and had to have something to do with water.  Something that people will see and say "wow"

The Murray River is the longest river in Australia at 2508km long. This will do nicely. I plan to kayak from Albury NSW right along the Victoria border to exit at Adelaide in South Australia. The total trip will be approximately 2000km (1280 miles).

So thats it, i hope you follow my blog and enjoy my journey as i prepare for this epic adventure.